Recommended Freeware Vst-plugins

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After listening to All of them #free Plug in this thread & A sincerely & more than intense Testing in a 24/7 non - linear - research - phase.

It became very obvious.

It struck me like lightning.

It hit me like sum Boomerang.

…like spaceships with lazers & shit…& ALIENS!!


…like I hear sum heavy bells ringing!


…like Aliens All ova da damn Place with spaceguns and shit!




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The page you requested cannot be found.

Boooo! Where`s mine free cowbells!!!

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Needs Mo ’ Cowbell!!

Boooo! Where`s mine free cowbells!!!

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Got Mo` Cowbell!!! :yeah:

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_ ChaosChimp is an audio effect plugin designed to cause problems for your sequencer._Seriously!
It’s inspired by Netflix’s ChaosMonkey, which was built under the philosophy that instead of hoping bad things never happen, they should be forced to happen often so that one is better prepared for them.

Since Renoise rarely crashing at All…this might be a useful one, from Time to Time… :blink: :walkman: :badteethslayer:

(GUEST:::El°HYM) #167

Simple, yet pretty effective little Gem here:

GFM Kochis a physical synthesizer able to generate the punchiest percussive notes, by construction. Thanks to the purity of its integration, its sound is especially crystalline from the lowest to the highest frequencies. Thus it is suitable for sub-bass stabs, percussive basses, emulating electric pianos and tonal percussions. To compliment this raw sound, a sub-oscillator and voice-wise distortion is provided. This distortion is devoid of aliasing, again by construction.

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Mika Micro is a subtractive synthesizer plugin that aims to be fun and expressive with a minimal set of controls.


  • 2 oscillators with 5 waveforms and split knobs
  • Simple FM functionality
  • Low pass filter with two adjustable resonance types
  • 8 voice polyphony and legato mode

Mika Micro is free and open-source - check it out onGitHub!
If you like manuals, you can read onehere.

Updated new version:

(trueschool) #169

I just discovered the freeware bundle from Beatmaker.XYZ, which includes some very nice little VST plugins that are great for lo-fi hip hop and other atmospheric sounds. The ATMOS vst is a nice piano+synth reverb that I find myself coming back to often. The BASSIK just has a few good simple thump sounds that work great in old school hip hop (like DJ Premier style). It’s got a simple 808 and a simple acoustic drum machine – all real usable sounds with a nice layer of white noise in the background to emulate a scratchy vinyl record.

(GUEST:::El°HYM) #170

in.side the machine: diabolique

Diabolique (VST Effect - PC) new This VST plugin is free to celebrate our 20 anniversary. It emulates 2 vintage tube reel to reels: a Revox F36 from 1962 (circuitry 1) and a Tandberg Model 3 from 1958 (circuitry 2). Apart from their differences, here the question is maintenance: while the Revox has been kept in immaculate condition (but retaining all good vintage components), the Tandberg has never seen any maintenance having all its original components (including a tube set of Telefunkens that are all testing as new). This plugin can be used to warm up your sounds, to simulate tape multi-tracking and/or to dirty up your sounds, it depends on the way it is used. The original template simulates the Revox and, by switching to Circuitry 2, you get the original Tandberg sound. Then you have all options open to change the sound: input/output levels, a very rare 15 ips feature was added (not present in the original Tandberg recorder), altering the tube saturation, changing the noise bias and level,… It´s Lo-Fi if you want: you can change the frequency response to the vinyl era by abusing the “Vintage” knob. Have fun with it!

(gentleclockdivider) #171

TAL modular , not free but cheap and stunning sounding …especially now …since it’s stil in beta release .

Cheap and awesome …toneboosters stuff …track essentials = 25 euro , ferox is pretty awesome and is included in the bundle

KLanghelm …amazing and cheap as chips .

Best freeware synth …( according to me that is )

tal noisemaker

u-he tyrell

daichi synth 1 ( old ie but goodie…based on nord lead 2 )

dexed ( dx 7 clone )

charlatan ( basic synth with great zdf filters )

sq8l ( oldie but goodie , sq80 emulation )

Pg8x ( roand jx8p emu )

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i like TAL VSTs

There Modular looks interesting, possibly an alternative to the expensive performance-hungry but also first-class sounding U-HE plugins

Thnx for your recommendations

VST Miditools and Organizers

especially NoteMapper and VeloScaler is a useful addition for Hardware Drum Machines

(gentleclockdivider) #173

talmod is amazing really …so organic sounding…

Everything about it oozes qualtiy , just like his other payware plugs .

I really don’t understand why he doesn’t get more credit , maybe it’s because of the lack of marketing .

Another thing I really like , is the use of scalable vector graphics .

If I don’t fire up reaktor ,I reach for talmod …

U-he is great too , but I dislike his use of high-res images for the gui …( underspec’d pc here )

(GUEST:::El°HYM) #174

A VST Instrument plugin. VSTSID, as its name implies, is the VST equivalent of WebSID, ported by popular request of those who wish to use the arpeggiated Commodore 64 sound within the comforts of their DAW. The instrument features full ADSR envelope control, as well as filter cutoff and resonance control, all of which are automatable. There is also a LFO available to modulate the filter. Whenever three notes are playing simultaneously, the SID will arpeggiate the notes, synced to the hosts tempo. For more abstract sound sculpting, a ring modulator is provided. The archive contains both VST3.0 and VST2.4 plugins for macOS (10.10/Yosemite and higher) and Windows 10. Linux build is currently not provided, though you can build from source.–sid-synthesizer-instrument

(TheBellows) #175

ZynAddSubFX is the best free synth if you ask me, you can still get the older version for free and even though the gui is a bit ugly it’s mighty powerful. I’ll probably even pay up the $55 for the latest version Zyn-Fusion when i get around to it.

Here’s a very nice, free binaural panner plugin, Ambeo Orbit:

I promise spine chills. :wink:

(gentleclockdivider) #176

yep , zynadd is great .

It’s filters are a bit dated now , other then that …a real powerhouse

(TheBellows) #177

yep , zynadd is great .
It’s filters are a bit dated now , other then that …a real powerhouse

Do you know how it compares to the new Zyn-Fusion?

(gentleclockdivider) #178

It’s been a year sinceI’ve tried fusion

What I remember was,: the same filters , and lot’s of bugs …but being constantly updated /

(random) #179

talmod is amazing really …so organic sounding…

Everything about it oozes qualtiy , just like his other payware plugs .

I really don’t understand why he doesn’t get more credit , maybe it’s because of the lack of marketing .

i think it is the GUI, many people (not me) want high-res images

(gentleclockdivider) #180

When you think about it , it’s mostly independent dev’s that use vector graphics

vallhalla ubermod , room etc .


Madrona labs .( aalto is awesome )