Recommended Midi Controllers

I’m looking to acquire an entry-level MIDI controller for Renoise. Which one would work well with Renoise, and this is from two angles:
Usability: The actual hardware layout closely reflects the way Renoise works, so that the hardware provides a close match to the app’s interface.

Also please post your experiences of using various MIDI controllers with Renoise. Good or bad. I’m sure it’ll be interesting.

If this question has already been asked please post the link to that topic.

Thanks in advance for any insightful advice given.


I own a Behringer BCR2000.

Quite bargain price and lots of knobs.

Renoise does not support MIDI feedback so you won’t benefit from this feature.

The Behringer driver, as far as I know, allows the controller to be plugged in when Renoise is aslready running in Mac Os, while this is not possible under Windows (because of Windows issues).

I don’t use it very often, but when I use it I’m satisfied.

ditto on the bcr2000

Novation RemoteZERO SL.
No drivers need, no install problems. Easy programmable.

I use a Kawai K11.

It’s got shitty sounds so I just use it to input midi notes. No knobs to speak of but at least I have a pitch/mod wheel

I’ve been thinking about an Oxygen 8 'cause they’re so damn cute

Yes, Oxy8 is a great keyboard. Also try Axiom series if you need pads fro drummin.

I was looking at the Axiom, 'cause it looks like a cool keyboard with some nice knobs & trigger pads; a 3-in-1 package.

What about the BCF2000? Anyone used that one with Renoise?