Record audio one pattern at a time

Hello. I want to record a guitar riff that is the exact length of a pattern, So I want the counter to start the pattern and then halt at the bottom without looping or following on to the next pattern. At the moment when I record the riff the pattern loops and starts eating into the original recording at the start again. Any help is much appreciated. thanks.

Well, first of all, don’t trigger the note of the instrument where you are recording your riff into.
second, you might be looking for this function?:

You can midi-map the start/stop button so you could trigger it with a footpedal.

Not sure I understand though I do use that sample record window that you posted. What I normally do is set the sample record editor to start recording at the start the pattern after a metronome count in. Is there a way for me to automate a stop at the end of the pattern?

Ah OK. “Create a new instrument on each take” ticked should create a new sample instrument ( & recording ) at the start of each subsequent pattern (or loop of one). That’s my understanding. I’ll try this. thanks!

Keyboard shortcuts make this much less annoying to do when holding a guitar. (on a a mac) Alt-shirt-r opens the dialog. With the dialog open, ‘enter’ arms recording. Space starts/stops (esc cancels). Esc when not recording closes the dialog.

Hooray for keyboard shortcuts in modal dialogs! :slight_smile: May seem trivial but when doing a lot of recording and takes, these things really affect the workflow.

I actually record guitars with Audacity (just because I don’t have to change my audio device, I record via POD USB). Renoise keeps playing the background (or just metronome ticking). I play the riffs/solo several times and then choose the best take. Of course I have to do some cutting when importing the sample into Renoise. I usually start the sample just before the pattern with Qxx command, so I get some “extra noise” when needed (pre-slide).

I hope you find the best way to work with your guitar and Renoise. There are obviously quite many ways to do that.

I’ve got single coil pickups on my guitar which hum unless I swivel to an exact 45 degree angle to the monitor. This means hitting play, putting the headphones on backwards, swivelling and then playing the riff correctly with what’s left of the metronome count before the track kicks in. I have to do it all in about 5 seconds with a faster bpm and the maximum metronome pre-count. It’s a strange ritual.

Why don’t you start from more than one pattern before your recording point? Snapping the selection in the sample editor also helps to make trimming the leadin not too much of a pain. You can also loop the patterns you want to record, have the loop playing constantly and basically punch in for takes.


Well you could just start the recording, wait for the next pattern, start playing for the length of the next pattern, and stop the recording on the next pattern. This way you can cut out the edges of the recording to make it one pattern length. Maybe even make a copy of it after doing that incase you mess it up because for some reason you can’t ctrl+z in the sample editor. But you can paste the cut back in the same spot.

Ha well it doesn’t work at all like this for me! It just makes one long sample & one instrument but I’ve sussed out how autoseek works. so now I can just cherry pick the best pattern takes and render them to sample individually. feels a bit weird highlighting an empty pattern and rendering it to sample but it works. thanks all round.