Record automation from MIDI controllers

I’m a “long time” Renoise user, for 5 years. But I never messed with MIDI, my QWERTY always did the trick, but I’m sick of automating by mouse. So I wanna get a Korg Nanopad and assign the XY pad to parameters and then just record automation into the track while it’s playing… can I do that? Just momentarily assign that controller to the parameter, play/record, done?

Hit ctrl+m, click the parameter you want to map your controller to and then move it to let it learn, close the learn dialog and then move your controller again. Try recording that.

That’s cool, gonna do it when I get that controller

For those times when you want to create automation with your QWERTY:

… end shameless self promotion


I already have it :P so now I can PERSONALLY thank you.