Record Automations From Vst Instruments

i have been mostly samplebased,so havent used my vst instruments at much as i would,but now im trying to get into dubstep.

is it possible to record automations from vst instruments(im using novation nocturn)

Automation Device, yay! ^_^

so im right that this is not possible yet?? :unsure:

Not at all. Put it in the search box of the Track DSP’s and it’ll be there all shining for you. Be sure you have selected the right (vsti) plugin though. ;)

And then: start the automation circus. :panic: ;)

thanks guys,i feel kind of stupid,i have used renoise in a long time,and didnt knew this :rolleyes:

Always great to discover a problem is solved before you knew it existed.

I wish politics worked like that… :unsure:

They almost work similar, though they only give you the idea that there was already a solution to the problem that you have. But eventually, the solution turns bollocks.