Record Chords From Pckeybinput W/o Playback?

Hi, I’ve never really been able to figure this one out.
What am I supposed to do to be able to have Renoise in such a mode in the pattern editor, that if I input 6 notes from the pckeyboard at roughly the same time, these 6 notes will appear on 6 note columns of the track?

If I try to do the same thing with the pckeyboard input, and hold down 4 notes, renoise starts repeating them and goes throughout the whole pattern (my editstep is 1)
If I put edit_step to zero, and hold down notes, those are cycled through repetitively…

I must admit I’m pretty royally lost with this stuff and have thus never really grown accustomed to the Renoise pattern editor.

This, however, would be something I would hope to be able to do with Renoise, without issues, so I’m asking you for any kinds of hints related to this kind of stuff, because I really can’t seem to figure it out on my own.

edit: I’ve tried with Chord Mode on/off but to no avail

Hold the shift key?

can this modified be changed?

Don’t think so as it would break too many other shortcuts if you tried to set it to Ctrl or Shift for example. Modifiers in general can not be changed in Renoise (well in that left ones are always modifier keys of a sort and right ones are shortcut keys, related to playback as default.)

so theres absolutely no way any kind of a key could be set to signify “write whichever keys you press on the pckeyboard to this row instead of the next row, and add notecolumns if more are required than available”?

What key would you prefer use and why?

a user-definable key. because.
a proper chord-mode switch which can be user-shortcutted.
when its on, what you input from the pckeyboard is written to the notecolumns on that track.
when its off, business as usual

SO you want a latching mode, rather than a key you hold down and then enter while holding down?

Still doesn’t answer which key you think would be more suited.

A latching mode. yes.

I’m sorry, Kazakore, but I really have to respond to this with “What’s it to you which key I use?”

To be honest this is the bit I didn’t understand and now it all makes sense. And obviously would have to be separate from current hold-shift chord recording. For a hold-key I couldn’t see how any other key (combination) could be easier, but for a latch toggle then fair enough :)

Yeah… latchmode. I hope to eventually be able to do a kind of a script with an on/off mode. when the script is on, when you input a note to row 00 notecolumn 1, the cursor is taken to row 00 notecolumn 2 and this notecolumn’s notedelay is set to 10, or 20, or 30 - or something which consecutively makes sense during low LPB playback. This would allow one to use very high resolution note-runs while still tracking a module which has very slow tempo / low lpb.
there’s 12 (or, i guess if the math is easier, 8) notecolumns which can be used to map out a low-LPB/BPM song’s “tickspace”. If the note-delays are autogenerated, it will be much easier to write in complex arpeggio runs for instance.