Record Parameter Automation From Within The Plugin

I know there is a simple workaround to this so it is not a huge issue with people, but i ran into a snag today.

I use Native Instruments Kore (hardware and software combo), and I can not use my Kore controller in Renoise. This is due to the fact that the hard works ONLY with the plugin, it is no a midi controller (the knobs are higher resolution or something). Right now i can control parameters in the plugin, and you can watch the associated fader moving in renoise, but there simply is no way to record this fader’s movement, as it is being controlled from the hardware to the plugin, NOT the hardware directly to the fader. The only way for me to automate my Kore software is to use the mouse right click, which kind of defeats the purpose of the Kore controller.

So my proposal is to get up to date with other software and be able to write automation by simply controlling things inside the plugin (turn the knob, and it writes, and you wouldn’t have to search through the list of parameters for the right slider in Renoise).

Any takers?

this could be done only if the plugin let’s you do it; I mean: how could Renoise intercept the value changing if the plugin is not warning it about the change?

I don’t know how Kore works, but since every MIDI controller and every normal VSTi plugin works in Renoise, it seems pretty strange that Kore doesn’t.

does this Kore feature work with other sequencers?

there is no problem with renoise intercepting the value being changed. like most vsti plugins, if you move the knob or fader in the plugin, it will move the fader in renoise.

kore is not a midi controller, it does not send standard midi messages, but instead has it’s own system set up with it’s own software, allowing you to turn knobs on the hardware, and controlling assigned parameters in the plugin. i’m not looking to use the kore hardware directly in renoise, because that is impossible, but rather like this:

Renoise -> Kore Software VSTi <- Kore Hardware Controller

The controller would control the software, the software would be synced with renoise. turn a knob on the controller, it turns a knob in the plugin. When that knob in the plugin moves, it then moves the fader in renoise.

The next logical step would be to simply record the movement of that moving fader in renoise…this is not possible, because the only way to record a fader in renoise is to use the right-click and drag function.

Basically, right now, you record things in renoise, and it sends the info to the plugin. I need to be able to simply hit a “record enable” or “write automation” button, then actually physically turn the knobs in the plugin, rather than moving the associated fader in renoise.

It’s like driving a car. Kore hardware is my hand, kore software is my steering wheel, and the renoise faders are the wheels i want to turn. i want to use my hands, to turn the wheels via the kore software, because i can not directly get in and turn the wheels with my bare hands. so far this whole mechanism works fine in renoise, turn a knob on the controller, it moves the knob in the software, which moves the fader in renoise. the only problem is that it WON’T record that.

enough bad analogies and redundant topics, put that all aside, it would be cool just to have a function where you could open your plugin window, move a fader or knob, and it would record directly to your automation window. i know some people hate the comparison, but this is a standard feature in the other software i use like cubase 4, pro tools, and ableton live.

most of the time there is the standard work around of just finding the fader in renoise, but in my case with kore, that is not an option if i want to use my actual hands and turn a knob while jamming out on my synths.

anyways, i’ll shutup, i just am surprised no one else sees the value in this.

let it be known though i have used renoise for about a week and i feel like i’ve died and gone to electronic music heaven haha. peace.

Running Kore from within Renoise as a VST to record other VSTs, this sounds like a feedback loop/lock waiting to happen. In fact, it sounds impossible based on your description?

But if you insist on doing it this way, and Kore as a VST can already move other VST sliders as you describe (?!), you have to record the knob movements of Kore (click here) which in turns controls the sliders (which is redundant).

To do this, you double click your VST to open the window and slide it out of the way, then you press the little arrow on the Renoise VST which opens up the renoise slider representation of your VST, then you right click the params you want to record, then you go back to your Kore and move the knobs…

Optionally, connect Kore to renoise with midi routing.


The idea would be to have Kore midi-mapped to your slider, then you press record in renoise, then you go to the program that is running kore (or kore stand alone?), then you move the kore knobs.