Record Reaktor 5 In Renoise?

im having some problems here,i cant seem to figure out

im running reaktor 5 as an instrument on tracks 1 using the acid bee ensemble…mp;patchid=7099

and i cant seem to figure out how i get acid bee recorded down on track 1 when it plays

i am also having this problem with some other ensembles like



is there a way to do this in renoise,i guess i must have missed something simple

sometimes you need to put in a dummy note on the first row , thats a note with zero volume…
at least thats one way to do it, i’m not sure if there are any other ways ?

this is mostly the case with vst’s that output audio by them selves

I made loGjammer :slight_smile:

You should check out the latest version imo: loGjammer

As for recording it in renoise… I’ll have to check it out when I get home from work for specifics.

Is there any midi-note data in the loGjammer track? Or does it just go when you hit Play?

I havn’t tried out the Acid-bee yet but I got it.


hey s-n-s…

Just fired up Renoise with loGjammer in the “00” instrument slot. If you start the Renoise transport and go to the mixer tab, you will see that loGjammer’s audio is routed thru the Master track. So what you need to do is assign loGjammer (reaktor5) to a normal track by entering reaktors instrument number (in this case “00”) into the first step of the pattern/track without a midi-note.

“- - -00… …”

I havn’t used Acid-bee yet but im pretty sure you might have to do the same thing.

Make sense?


Oh yeah. Now you can select/highlite the track and use the “render selection to sample” thingy.

btw. I didn’t intend on logJammer being used this way because of sequence start/stop/sync issues. So, sorry about that. You might need to sometimes hit STOP on reaktors transport to make sure it re-starts correctly.
I think the newer versions dealt with that issue a little more. I’m super stoked someone here is using it tho!

thanx i will check it out this weekend

a2n3d7y man it is a great ensemble,really cool for some "breakcore madness"but i havent even scratched the surface with it yet,i also need to find out how i can put my own sounds in there,just got reaktor 5 2 days ago,before that i just had reaktor session,but i still use that for effects and stuff

Glad you like.

I mostly use it in stand-alone reaktor and record it with the Reaktor Recorder. You can set it up to record at transport-start for any set number of bars you want. Then drag the file into Renoise (match the bpm) and chop it up even more.

You can totally put your own samples in there.
Right-click the waveform window and select “open map editor”.
Select the sample you want to replace and then from the “Edit Sample” drop down list select “replace”.
Make sure the map-attributes don’t change. Its pretty easy to figure them out if you need to. You should probably save the sample-map before you start tweeking too much.
Reaktor is kind of a bitch but I still love it.


thanx man,damn i need to experiment with this in the weekend :dribble:

you gotta try out acid bee too,its great for acid basslines and stuff

btw have you made any other interesting ensembles??

it just occurred to me that you can hard set an instrument to a track in the instrument settings box. Have you tried that?

no,im still quite new to both renoise and reaktor 5