Record Sample Shortcut Key

Title says it all i think, I was browsing through the keyboard shortcuts .xml file (brilliant feature btw) and saw that there’s shortcuts for showing sample editor window, showing the record sample dialog, but unfortunately you still have to click record button. let’s have an obvious (space?) key for it. By the way I’m thinking about this because I wanna make an ideal sampling keyboard shortcut set for sampling instruments/sounds, prehearing with various effects, etc.

i’ve never used the Sample Editor but this idea makes sense to me. you do have to promise to share your keyboard shortcut setup after you finish :)

really, you’ve never used the sample editor?? how do you loop stuff up?

anyways. of course you can expect anything polished or decent to appear here or in the tools website.

ha, i see i miswrote myself. i’ve never used the ‘Record Sample’ option in the Sample Editor. i use the editor itself all the time of course!

Yeah this would be useful, even better make it midi mappable too.