Record The Master Channel ?

Not sure where to put this question (ideas, support) so I put it here :)

Anyway, is there a way to record the master channel in renoise ?
I got a VirusB on one of the inputs of my sound card but I have to record it seperatly and then put it with the rest. I would like to skip this extra step.
I guess if I get a soundcard with internal routing and recording that as a seperate audio input but again would be nice if you could record the masterchannel straight in Renoise.

Did you considered giving Reaper and it’s ReaRoute driver a chance? you can route tracks fantastically back and forth between Reaper and Renoise, then use Reaper to record the whole output all together!
With the current ways to perform Plugin Delay Compensation or (manual) Track Delay Compensation, you should be able to pull it off that way.
Unless your PC CPU cannot handle the massive live audio handling.

Nope, haven’t tried Reaper at all but will give it a shot.

CPU is fine :D

hmm. must try this.

I also find myself often in that situation.
I really would like to record the stuf directly to a sample to share with my bandmates while the track is progressing.

My current solution: headphones out to inputs on my soundcard and record it in the sample editor while playing.

i don’t have a proper audio interface and i tend to record a lot of circuit bent stuff, drum machines etc. i’ve been looking at one of these bad boys which would open up a whole range of possibilities using renoise and outboard gear…

I’ve been thinking about this one:…b7936f53f3d32c6

But then I’m also thinking about getting a VirusTI so I can get it straight into Renoise that way.
The problem right now is that the Virus Control (VST) apparently has some issues with Renoise.

So I’m not sure which way to go right now :D

For the Virus TI i would suggest to wait until the issue is resolved… the TI-devs seem to be willing to help out.

Yep, I’m following the thread in the BUG section :)

Yes, me to. Can’t wait to get myself bankrupted by the Polar.