Recording A Song Via Midi

Hello all helpers etc,

I’ve had an idea. After failing to convert my old MED MIDI modules (with lots of controller changes) into Renoise, I have come up with the idea of recording each track of my song via MIDI into Renoise (using the MIDI Out from Amiga, to the input of Renoise.

All I need to know is how to enable renoise to record tunes in (approximate) sync with OctaMED. I’ve got the MIDI output from it to be recorded accurately into renoise, but I need it to start scrolling patterns as the first note plays. I’ve enabled slave mode, but it still doesn’t start.
Is this because the Amiga doesn’t send out a clock signal, or is there a special command I can use to trigger renoise into action?

One other slight niggle I have, is recording the chords via one channel. It doesn’t seem to think the three notes are played at once, but one after the other. I’ve switched on Keyjazz, and created extended note columns, to no avail, I’m patient enough to record a MIDI channel at a time, but not each note of a chord on each channel, that would be tricky and take tiiiimmmmmeeee!

Try holding left shift…

I figured even that wouldn’t avoid the problem, as the cursor doesn’t reset each time I release the left shift key, it just spreads across the screen as it plays. Thanks for the tip though, I almost thought I’d solved it all - nnnghhh!

I did solve the MIDI trigger issue though, and the timing is fine as the patterns scroll, notes and controllers are still received. I’ve even tried a midi loopback from OSS to Renoise, which works fine, records all the controllers & plays thru to the midi gear well, but renoise won’t add it’s own space for multiple notes/controllers, I go back using undo, and it has recorded them. Frustrating, the data’s getting in there accurately, but it just can’t spread it across the columns.
Anyone know why it just doesn’t record 3 notes at once (as a chord) from a sequenced midi input?

Indeed it’s very weird. Can’t remember if this shift-chord thing would be changed in v1.5 but I’ve been whining about it for quite some time.

Roll on V1.5 is all I can say. I’d like to get down to some serious tunage when I return from the Big Chill, and have collected inspiration. Please implement this simple trick, and I’ll stop whining about MED imports too!

i testet a little bit again … also the midi-record possibility but the one and only thing at the moment is




ModPlug load MED modules very well (after this you can save it as IT or XM) - but ONLY the AMIGA-modules (MMD0-2) … all MMD3 stuff (MED on PC) isn’t possible.

4 hours i looked for tools, possibilities in the net … but NOTHING.

it’s so annoying … and i’m totally sad … so much old song-ideas … impossible to finish in Renoise.

MIDI import in Renoise 1.5 helps a little bit but pattern-lenght information arn’t stored in midi-files :(

Surely this would provide the coders with enough information to convert the files. I’m no expert programmer, but have had experience (years ago), and wouldn’t a simple translation of variables be all that’s needed to accurately convert tunes? Or does it not work like this? I’m eager enough to learn what’s needed to code this myself. Is it the manner in which it’s compiled which makes it indecipherable?

this is the latest description i found mmd3_r6.txt … there are differences between MMD0-1 and MMD2-3 … and the sourcecode (c++ i think) of the MMD0-MMD2 import of ModPlug is available at sourceforge within the modplug package … also very good documented

for a converter tool that works with all circumstances of MED Modules the MED format is a little bit complex coz of multiple command-pages, the possibility of multiple songs, a little bit more complex arranger stuff and the instrument information … but there are no packed data (like in Impulse Tracker) and the MMD format is good documented i think … but the one and only tracker format that can handle nearly all this MED data (ok no multiple songs) is Renoise.

personal for me some things would be important for a new MED2XM or MED2IT tool:

  1. i need all instrument names maybe with an correct midi-channel setting in the converted format

  2. sometimes i used more than 256 lines in pattern within a MED song … it would be nice if the tool divides the long pattern in two (and adjust this in the sequences) - that Renoise can import the IT or XM format correctly.

  3. the notes and note commands are needed of course ;)

  4. the most important thing is the NOTE OFF … the tool must convert the hold-notes to correct OFFs

i think a converter tool isn’t so hard to code but converting to XM or IT is only a compromise … coz IT and XM have limits. maybe if anyone decides to start the work Taktik can help with some RNS format infos. i think he must have some basic descriptions about the RNS format … not well documented (he said) but maybe enough for instruments, pattern, sequencer - a basic conversion

…and sysex messages.

and pattern-names and and and … well Teijo Kinnunen had great ideas and this nearly 10 years ago! B)

Indeed, ahead of his time, especially considering the platform he had to work with. I’m sure he knew how to make the most out of what he had.

To add to the list: Controller commands throughout songs.

My conclusion is, if the next version of renoise sorts out all the chord entry and module import business, I’ll buy it. But as it goes for now, it might take me a painfully long while to convert what i’ve got for use, which would mean lugging 2 computers around on gigs, no fun.

Teijo Kinnunen:The Jules Verne of the tracker world ;)

B) i wish he could read this …