Recording an internal track (NOT rendering) or MPE support


I’m using ROLI blocks… and basically I can’t record any of the gestures within the sequencer.

SO unless there’s a way to record complex midi messages… I figured I could maybe record my VST as I would record an external instrument.

Is there internal routing options in renoise ? (NOT RENDERING TO SAMPLES as gestures would be useless)

I could easily do so with a highend soundcard with internal routing option… but I don’t own such a device

An idea ?

Are you using Equator as your VST instrument? When I do that, I’m able to capture the vertical motion on the keys, as well as pitch bend.

Indeed, you can record 2 parameters at once… MPE require 5… much information is lost in translation.

Yes, I recently purchased Logic Pro and I’m using it a lot more with my Roli Blocks because it supports MPE. I still like Renoise for building songs, but I can see a hybrid approach where I record MPE takes in Logic and export stems that I then arrange in Renoise.