Recording Automation

Well here I am, having to finish some projects in Renoise until I can move on to using software that does make sense. Sorry guys, I really enjoyed Renoise, but working with Ableton for a couple a monts now makes me realize the stupidities in Renoise.

Here’s another one. Want I want to do is simple. And pretty obviious, too. I want to record automation. No, not with my midicontroller, all I want is record some simple adjustments on the volume slider. No, I do not want to draw them, I want to move the slider, of the volume, the volume of a track, and have these movements recorded. What the f**** is the deal with that?
Well, the fing deal with that is that it does not seem to fing work that way. Yes, I have record on. Yes, I have everything goddamn on what needs to be on, what tiny little hidden f****ing thing did I forget to activate here, huh?

Never mind, dudes. I’m outta here. Have fun with your little mindf****ing Renoise shitgarbage gkf… never mind.

If you rightclick upon the slider, the value is either recorded to the pattern effect column or to the automation curve.
Depending on how you have set this button:

The current image shows that the value is recorded to the pattern editor if you toggle it it will change into this: which means the value is recorded into the automation. (for that particular row the cursor is currently at!)
And you could always try asking in your first message without using asterix words, you will be helped just as good.

@vvoois: respect for being infinitely more patient with this guy than i ever would be.

@manoah: since you like to run around saying fućk this and fućk that, you ever tried reading the fućking manual? you could have simply read the manual and found the answer to your question, rather than act like a little child here in the forum.


I too have been trying to work with Ableton Live for a few months now. Unlike you, I seem to always end up in Renoise due to all the the “stupidities” in Ableton (which it shares with other traditionally styled sequencers)!

I would like to add to vvoois’ description: when you record to an automation envelope, it seems that the default envelope type is “points”. Once you’re done recording, I suggest you change it it from points to one of the other ones to make a smoother, interpolated curve.