Recording Bit Rate And Sample Frequency

Greetings, I’m almost embarrassed to post this one…but I think I just confused myself. Where do I set the settings for bit rate and sample freq when it comes to recording a sample from my audio interface?

Is this done at Raw Audio Import Export in the prefs? If so, wouldn’t my samples be 24/96k since that is the highest settings on my audio interface? Same goes for importing samples, the quality is not really 32 bit right?

Does the sample rate selection tab under Device settings in the audio pref tab adjust playback only? Why no bit rate adjustment?

Im basically trying to make sure that I am recording at the highest possible bit rate and sample freq (although I may go with 44.1 and 32 bit).

Thanks for your time and efforts!

Preferences -> Audio -> Set your [In Device], set your [Sample Rate].

Renoise’s internal sound player has 32-bit float-point processing, so everything in Renoise is 32 bits until it comes time to export.

Ok so by default Renoise records at 32 bit. Now is that true 32 bit sound quality if my interface only goes up to 24 bit?

What about the Raw Audio Input options? does that deal with importing samples that were recorded outside of renoise?

Thanks again for your response.