Recording Electric Guitar

I finally got myself an electric guitar and a Korg Ampworks modeling signal processor (anyone here got experience with that?) I was told that this is all I need to record some guitar stuff. But somehow the sound isn’t nice at all, sounds like I recorded it with a bad mic without a preamp. Does anybody know what else I need to get a clear sound? I also must say that I don’t have any special soundcard, just the one that came with the computer. Could that be the problem? :huh: I hope someone here knows about that stuff, cos I can’t wait to record some :guitar:

Thanks in advance!

I use electric guitar in more or less 50% of my tunes. I don’t use any modelling when recording though… I just record it raw and then apply effects in program. That works for me. Anyhow, the raw recording tends to sound flat, dull and generally uninteresting (and I guess that’s the case when pre-run through an hardware amp-sim, aswell) so it needs some processing to liven it up.
My basic remedy for this is delay, EQ and a touch of reverb (not too much, just to simulate the live analog sound.)
And sometimes a little bit of chorus is in place. after that I just play around with effects til I get the sound I want …

but before doing any serious recording you should upgrade to atleast a semi-pro soundcard… as you know, if the source is bad you won’t get any good results… then check all settings everywhere and tweak. soundcard, amp modeller, guitar etc. Have you got good mics in your guitar for example? What about cabling? recording levels?

Maybe this was of no help at all… nonetheless, good luck! :guitar:

i have no idea, but if the sound is noisy maybe a thing to try is to turn off the monitor, get guitar away as far as possible from pc and use shielded cables?

would be a good Idea…or the line6 guitarport

  • Keep guitar’s cables far from power cables.
  • Pay attention to your monitor (as already said), it can create interferences…
  • Pre-amplify the signal ( with a pre-amplifier, a mixer or pre-amplified audio inputs of your soundcard)
  • Record at the highest volume possible (avoiding clipping…), flat EQ.
  • Use a good soundcard (VERY IMPORTANT)

Yep, I think it’s the soundcard :( Gosh making music can be expensive… :P

Thanks for the replies, everything is useful for a beginner!

Andy:Ray, is it possible to listen to your music somewhere? Would be nice to hear an example of what can be done with a guitar and renoise

I don’t know much about that sort of stuff, but is this something in the right direction? :rolleyes: Please help me out there :)