Recording Final Mix

So, renoise (or any other), does not render midi, or external like the hardSID.

So, i have all connected to a mixer, and what comes out of that, is the final mix.

So, how to record ?

I thought about buying a small wav/mp3 recorder (like Maudio, or zoom).
But how is the quality on those ?

Feeding the output back into the PC is a nono i guess… ?

Guys, tell me how you do it, gimme some ideas!

  1. “File”
  2. “Render Song To Disk”
  3. Select “Entire Song”
  4. Browse for a Destination on your Disk
  5. Select “Cubic” for now
  6. Select “44100Hz/16-bit” for CD quality, or “48000Hz/24-bit” for a little better than CD quality
  7. Uncheck “Save Each Track/Pattern”
  8. Select “Low” Priority for most mixdowns, or “Real” for your final final final mixdown
  9. Click “Start” and grab yourself a coffee/beer ;)

Hope this helps.

Renoise has a button called “Render” for rendering the complete song to hard disk (only the registered version):

If you want to record the external audio that cames by the Line-in to renoise go to a empty sample slot and click the button “Rec”:

Edit - whoa! 1 minute later

I just realized perhaps you were speaking of recording external midi devices.

This could be done multiple ways. If you are happy with your with the way everything sounds right out of the mixer, you could just send all the different tracks on your mixer to an aux buss on your mixer, then just send the stereo submix into your computer. You are correct, it is best to grab some sort of audio card. If you are using your built in card you are most likely going to be forced to record in mono which sucks for a lot of synths, and will especially suck for your mixdown from your mixer hopefully with different stereo panning settings for each input track. best choice is to get a little 2 analog input audio card for 100 bucks or whatever, then record the stereo submix into renoise. another option is to get a bigger audio card (8 ins) and record multiple synths to different tracks, but this would require some software other than renoise, as renoise does not support multitrack recording yet. 3rd option is to record each track seperately, one at a time into renoise. the second two will give you more freedom to do production work on the track within the computer after you record, rather than just a semi-master on the submix of all your external synths.

I assume you know how to record into renoise, but if you don’t, just go to the sample editor and hit the “Rec” button. Play the song through and record your synth into it.

Hopefully THIS helps, lol.

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And don’t forget to paste the recorded sample of your external source into a track :)

If you set the ‘sync start & stop’ to pattern you can simply paste it on the first row, so you don’t have to fiddle around with it to get the timing right.

I didnt know this…
Well, the question was actually how to record what comes out of the mixer.
I now bought a Zoom H2 recorder (digital micrpphone), with line in that can record in a variety of resolutions.

But since it IS final mix, i can just record in 16/48khz. everything is already mastered in renoise.

Ok, so sample the synth into a single sample, and add that on a track… i hadnt thought of that. will be some mega big samples :)

So i have to turn off all non synth tracks, then play/rec ?
or play whole song, and rec same time ? (is this even possible ?)

Anyhow, the zoom recorder is now 1 solution, i will try if i can make the other way work…

Comments on my ramblings ?

Johnny depp ? LOL

yes, the sample length can be as long as the song.
if you place these samples into the song it will be rendered.
you can turn off the tracks controlling the synth after this.

but do you have a registered version of Renoise anyway?
because in the demo version, this is not possible.

yes i am registered