Recording Hiss

could it be an impedance issue

I’m involved with the shows out here in Arizona and I’ve noticed some of the other artists out here use the 3 prong -> 2 prong converter (removing ground). It does remove a good portion of the hum. I used to use it too, until I got an audio interface. Definitely the better route to go. But I never got fried, zapped, tickled, etc.

Besides, what’s wrong with a little pain with pleasure?

Ah, that reminds me of the time a friend from the States fried his Kaos Pad 3 at my place… Good times… :P

I used to live in a building with bad electrical wiring which produced ground loops and humming on my audio. I fixed the problem with this:

I’ve heard/read stories from both sides of the “to ground or not to ground issue”. I just would think it uncool if somebody got hurt with out the pleasure that’s all. :panic:

I guess my point was, there could be something wrong with the equipment and removing the ground might be dangerous.

Now, if somebody was standing there recording the sound of the zap, that would make a wickked sample :D