Recording Into Ableton Live As Renoise Slave Via Rewire

Greetings folks,

I am currently running ableton live as a rewire slave to Renoise. The tempo locks up just fine only i am not able to select my interfaces inputs. Under the pref audio tab it reads “audio IO is handled by rewire master”. Is there anyway to send the input of my interface (BLA Digi 002) to the track inputs of ableton live???

I would like to track onto ableton and continue to use the tempo map and sequence on renoise. Anyone know of a solution?

Thanks for your time and efforts!

That’s not possible for any rewire slave to do.
The master handle the soundcard and is the only receiver of audio streams.

There could be some vst’s that could send audiostream from one application to another. But you might have lantency/buffer problems and afaik ableton live do not allow the use of vst plugins when slaved.

ahhh understood…

what i “rigged up” for the time being:

sending renoise midi clock to a midi clock slaved abelton live…seems to be working for the time being …I am able to access the 002 inputs and outputs…both apps are sharing the main outputs of the 002.

do the 2 softwares lock in tighter under rewire or midi clock (via IAC driver buss 1)???

Thanks and if anyone knows of another solution i would be most appreciative.


I can only think of long workarounds involving bouncing to disk. =(

Rewire is most definitely tighter in timing than midi clock.

You might try doing it through rearoute (Reaper), but then timing issues come back as well.