Recording Midi Cc-messages

When I’m recording midi, cc messages are entered only in the first effects parameter row.
So if I first record filter cutoff, and later pitch bend, the first parameters are overwritten…

How do I record to the other parameter rows?

Use the arrows at the top of the track to open and close new fx columns, up to max of 4. The keyboard shortcut is hold [b]ctrl[/b] and [b]shift[/b] with the left and right[b]arrow keys[/b] while positioned over an fx column. Make sure the cursor is over the new column when inputting new values.

Hope this is clear :) all in the manual.

he is saying that wehn he records midi messages by using midi hardware, the value is written only in the first column.

I don’t think that there is a workaround for this at the moment (other than record on another column and cut&paste the data)

Fair enough my bad! :)

Ok, I will cut&paste it then.
Thanks guys!