Recording midi or audio from vst

Hi everybody!

First post, supernewb.

Im new to Renoise (come from Abl), bought it last week and bought Audio Damage’s Axon sequencer vst today.
I’ve finally found the Axon under the Instruments instead of the Track DSP’s.

And now got the different audio-outs (the different hits of Axon) out on several Renoise tracks.
How can i record this audio? Only possible with plugingrabber? But that won’t give me a sequence will it? I tried it, but nothing happens.
Axon can also send midi instead of its internal synth.
How do i record this midi?

In Ableton i got it to work, but Renoise remains a mystery here.
Even though i prefer Renoise, i think.
Hopefully this basic q gets cleared though.
Tried the search engine, but weird enough didn’t find it.

Thanks a lot!

It depends on what kind of sequences are triggered, but you can also render each track to a .wav individually if that’s what you need?
Notice the lowest two checkboxes……o_File#Overview

Hi vV, (goedenavond,)

That worked, thanks!
I didn’t think about that being an option, still feels unnatural for me to record a vst’s audio like that.

Is there also a way to record midi notes that are being output by the plugininstrument?

Currently not, well not at least without ReWire wizardry.

I tried it now with the plugin running in Ableton and using Rewire to record the midi notes in Renoise.
But the notes don’t get recorded in realtime, well, yes they are recorded in realtime, but everything gets recorded every “edit step length” instead of “clock time length.”
You probably know what i mean.
Is that normal?

Is the “Rewire Wizardry” explained somewhere?

To render (resample) the audio you can also make use of shortcuts “Render Track”, “Render Selection”, “Render Pattern” etc.
MIDI effects, or any note output of plugins is unsupported in renoise atm.

Any midi recording over Rewire is unsupported, is it? Not just by plugins, true?

Sorry if i keep going on about the same thing, :( but midi output from the slave isn’t disabled.
Because when i set Ableton as slave i can output midi to Renoise.
It just gets recorded every edit step. So its quantized to the edit step, even though quantize is off.

There are some synchronisation options that you can toggle in the ReWire preference settings when Renoise is slave (regarding transport synchronisation).
There is no such option in the ReWire device unfortunately.
You can however increase the LPB to increase the timing integrity and set the edit step to one line (ctrl-1), but are you sure it is edit step or you mean “just one line”?

No, also when i change the editstep to 5 it records every 5th line. Etcetera.

Ill try the LPB though, not sure if i tried that. Tnx.