Recording Notes From One Midi Channel Onto Separate Tracks?

Hai from Renoise noob!
Do you guys know any trick to make Renoise record the notes from one midi channel onto separate tracks?
I’d like to record and edit drummachine patterns from my elektron machinedrum and the whole sound section of the instrument operates on defined midi channel (#10 in my case). I know I can record chords, but the notes go to the same track anyway. Which is wrong :slight_smile:
I’ll appreciate any hint. I didn’t find it in the manual :)

Peace out,

ps. uups, i’m sorry i guess this thread belongs to tips&tricks, but since i post it here i’ll leave it here… pls don’t shoot…

You can’t do it. Things go in one track at a time. However, I believe there is a tool you can download that will separate the different notes out after you have recorded them.

And no it doesn’t belong in ‘tips and tricks’.