Recording Panel: Change Input Volume

It should be nice if we have a input level meter in the recording panel. I miss this sometimes.

When I record a sample I see, what I think is, a record meter.

The only thing is that my samples sound distorted although the meter ain’t going anywhere near the red part of the meter.

So an input level meter would be very nice!!!

The meter in Renoises Record panel shows what it records, so that is a Input Meter. When recording with FX this will show the recorded FX as well, thats what you dont like/want Tom?

gurth: The clipping must happen before Renoise gets the signal then, so a “real” Input meter wouldn’t help here either. Check your soundcards recording panel if there is some boost and/or clipping.

What I simply want is a volume slider so I can set the input volume myself. Is that possible? Now I have to set the volume level in the windows mixer.

a -20db pad for the recording section would also be nice. Maybe totally useless but nice.

Possible, yes, but I think it only does bad things because:
Post amplifying the signal in Renoise to make it louder will reduce the resolution of the recorded signal.
Post amplifying the signal in Renoise to make it more quiet will not fix the clipping/distortions that already happened.

Thats true, and I realized it as soon as I thougt about it for a bit longer. A distorted signal that has already passed the audio interface is destroyed for life.

I agree.