Recording Samples

I cannot get sound out with Asio4all because HD audio speaker is in use by some other application and I don’t know how to change those settings. ??? ( windows 7 ) So recording samples seems to be impossible :)

Asio works now with flstudio9 but renoise can’t handle it. If I change device settings in Renoise to Asio it makes audio unavailable immediatly. If renoise is in use I can’t change flstudio’s settings to Asio…I must close renoise and then I can change settings to Asio in flstudio, but if I make flstudio work with Asio then renoise doesn’t work at all, cannot even change device settings without closing flstudio… still can’t record samples no matter what I do. :confused: There’s something wrong with this Renoise ? It just doesn’t work with Asio. So Asio works with Flstudio but doesn’t work with Renoise. Anything I can do?

Most (many) ASIO devices can only ever be accessed by one program at a time. Does Renoise not work if you only have Renoise open and trying to use ASIO4All?

ASIO4All works now, don’t know how it was done but it works :)