Recording Solo+Mute Of Renoise Mixer

I can record (and hear) solo+mute switches of the mixer with Korg nanocontroller in realtime. But renoise doesn`t play back these sessions. I see the recorded controllers but solo+mute does not work. Am I doing something wrong? hf

I think I know what you’re up to, but i guess it doesn’t work that way.
Solo/Mute triggers are not recorded, as simple as that (but also: as far as i know, correct me if i’m wrong).
A solution i thought of could be a gainer on every track that toggles between full/no output, so you could at least “record” the muting. But for solo… i don’t see a workaround yet.
I suppose you don’t want to mute/solo pattern-wise (you maybe want to cut the beat somewhere in middle of a pattern for example)? Otherwise pattern matrix could do the trick for you.
Again: these are just spontaneus ideas i had, it might not be the ultimate solution… ;)

very good tip, thank you! :rolleyes: