Recording Synths With MIDI in Renoise

Hi all. well I finally figured out how to get my Roland JV1080 into multi timbral mode and can now record into Renoise which TOTALLY made my night !

However I was wondering how I keep the ‘Record’ window up with having to ‘left shift/alt/R’ every time ? I basically want to hear each note as I step it into the pattern editor but have to use that key shortcut and hit Esc everytime

Do you just want to hear the notes you play, or are you actually recording those bits?

Because, if it’s just for listening, you can also add a Line Input device in one of the tracks.

Otherwise, yeah, you need to bring up the recording dialog each time. But to make this faster you could perhaps MIDI map the dialog:

Open the MIDI mapping dialog (CMD/CTRL+M), choose ‘GUI > Dialogs > Show Sample Recorder’