recording to separate effect columns

I’m manipulating 2 parameters through midi controller at the same time, but during recording they are recorder to the same effects column, so one parameter can overwrite the other (the last one wins).
Is it possible to assign each potentiometer or fader to specific effects column?

Unfortunately not, but you can place a midi control device on the DSP track and map your midi controllers to any two parameters and let the Midi Control device send the CC values to the instrument. You can record the automation of what you receive. As a bonus, automation interpolation between two lines is ppq precise where the pattern effect commands don’t interpolate at all between the lines.

Thank you for the reply and workaround.
Are there any chances to have the possibility I want in the future?


I don’t know if this will ever come, the pattern effect commands are to have a fixed value at a specific time, that is what they are good for, recording not so much.
The given alternative wasn’t really meant to be a workaround for that matter, but i can understand if you are signalling with pads and desire to have two fixed values at specific times, then set the automation type to “points” to get fixed values without interpolated values.

Pattern effect commands are really quite awkward compared to the automation alternative. They do for quick and dirtyness. The only thing currently lacking is the ability to map the pitch bender to the midi control device, because the pitch bend isn’t sending a CC signal. But if that would be possible, there would be no good reason left to use pattern effect commands for midi command recording anylonger.

Thank you.
Actually automation is what I really need. :)