Recording Virus Snow Into Renoise

Hey, can anyone help? I have a hardware set-up with Renoise.

My hardware mixer is set up as input/output in Renoise Audio Prefs.

I usually run all my hardware through the mixing desk, but I want to record the Virus Snow via it’s USB output, i.e. using it as a plug-in with Renoise.

So, I have successfully integrated the Snow with Renoise via USB, however, when I want to record the synth via USB, I think I’m missing something, because it’s not working?

In Renoise Audio prefs, I’ve set input as Virus Snow. If I press record in the sample editor window, there doesn’t seem to be anything listed as ‘virus snow’ in the drop down menu? I get access to record tracks, but no audi is present? If NoFX is selected I can hear the snow ready to record, but there is no input into the recorder? How do I record the Snow damn it?

If you have it connected via USB and the Virus TI-vst plugin is running you don’t need to record from the “analog inputs”.
All the audio is routed through that plugin.
Otherwise you would need to use the “line input”-track device and record the audio that way.