Recording Vst Instruments To Audio

Is there any way to record VST instruments that I play live in Renoise straight to audio? I know there’s “Render Selection to Sample” option,
but it has problems: for example if I try to move multiple sliders at the same time it doesn’t place them both in the pattern.
I also have an external soundcard which for some reason doesn’t have recording from stereo mixer option, so I can’t do that.

as far as i know, there is no other way apart from what you already thought of - Render selection to sample.
the way i’d do it would be to record my soundcard directly, as you said. i’m on a laptop and with my card i have to route a wire from the out to the in to loop it, otherwise it won’t record the laptop audio directly. on my old computer this worked without an extra wire. so maybe the same problem exists for your soundcard.

Just a thought: Can I use Rewire to do this, and what kind of program could I link it to that could record it?
(I just tried your method, and it just makes a really loud noise from all the feedback)