Recording Vsti Live In Renoise?

i was wondering if its possible…
how to record a vsti live in renoise
i mean…
if i for an example have loadet native instument massive(vsti)
i would then like to just play and everything that i play is recorded
i dont understand how to do this0o

please help

hi you could offcourse just use voxengo or other “vst recorders”
but then again it would be quicker to just record it directly


it would be cool if anyone could tell me if its possible


Not possible with Renoise alone but has been suggested…

Recording Vst-instruments Live And Solo

another quick & dirty solution could be to route your instrument to a separate output, and then route it back into renoise input. But be careful not to route the input to the separate output because you would get a loop, and it’s bad.

I don’t know for mac/windows, but you can do that easily with Jack on linux.

EDIT : that’s what junoir is describing in the previously mentioned topic - even though he is talking about having a 4 outputs soundcard, which is not necessary with jack.

If I understand your question, you could just record your sound card’s output while you play the VSTi. If you’re using a Mac, check out a program called Audio Hijack. And if you’re running Windows, I believe you can do this with Audacity. (Both programs are free.)

Thanks alot!! :)

I have tried to route via my soundcard the thing is just that I have to mute all other channels which is a bit uncool if I wanna play along other tracks

Actually I only use this soundcard routing when I’m recording stuff on the web or other gimmicks on my computer…and yes then there is the feedback its ok for funny stuff
but overall a showstopper when riding the waves :ph34r:

The way I do right now is via this
a vst plugin that records the track its on

I think the main question is OK important! now that we have all these great instuments all over the place
but yeah it all depends on how you kill it…I would like it though

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