Recording Vsti Parameter Changes

I’ve been using Renoise for a while now and starting to get the hang of it, but; With Vst instruments, is it possible to record parameter changes (eg. filter values, adsr-settings, lfo’s etc.) with a midi keyboard’s knobs, or by triggering them with mouse, like you can do eg. in Reason? Or is the only alternative to automate them by drawing curves, which to me takes a lot off the live tweaking…


You can use the Automation Device.

more info here

Or, if you map the slider to a midi-knob. (In rec. mode)

And you can choose wether it should be written to automation or to pattern effect commands:

cool, thanks a lot! :)

I get a bit confused with CC control vs VSTi internal high resolution controllers.

If you record parameter changes via MIDI, then you get zippery controller curves (127 resolution) and if internal (by moving VSTi knobs with mouse or drawing curves) then it’s much higher resolution. Is this a correct interpretation ?

If so, can one convert the low res MIDI controller data to high res in software ?


It was my understanding that VSTi’s conform to midi standard, so no matter what you use, there’s only 128 different values a control can have.

Can a MIDI expert confirm/deny this? I remember hearing VSTi format criticized for this very reason of conforming to a 20 year old standard instead of moving ahead.

Yes - can someone clarify this ?

I’m sure the internal resolution is much higher (recording moused knob movements … hmm, that sounds abit odd doesn’t it :) ) than Midi…

Hmm, I’ve been trying everything but can’t get this to work. I’ve tried linking different automation devices to VSTi’s, but recording with the right mouse button doesn’t do anything. Recording changes via my midi keyboard’s knobs works, but the resolution is somehow clicky and unnatural. Any ideas why the right-mouse-button method isn’t working?

VST/VSTi parameters are stored in floating point format, ranging from 0.0 - 1.0, and have a much higher resolution than the standard 0 - 127 offered by MIDI. Internally, a VST parameter might have a value which is precise to many decimal points, such as 0.164773, or 0.232955, or 0.193182, etc. Depending on the method you use within Renoise, it’s possible to take advantage of the extra precision.

Renoise’s pattern commands only allow you to enter 256 unique values (00 - FF) for a parameter. It’s 2x the resolution of MIDI, but it’s still quantised quite heavily when sending these values to the VST, and you still might notice some rather big jumps in plugins which have very sensitive parameters such as filter frequency.

Renoise’s automation curves allow you to send much higher resolution values to the plugin, since the automation curve points are not limited to values in the 00 - FF range. Try dragging the points around with LCTRL held down and you can make quite precise adjustments, for example.

Hopefully in the future we’ll get pattern commands which can handle 4 digits, giving us the range 0000 - FFFF (65536 possible values), which would easily be enough to allow fine-tuning of VST parameters and other effects (such as precise sample offset) via pattern commands.