Recording xy-pad automation with touchosc


I’m stumped. Is there a way to do this? I’ve always just recorded automation with the rightclick-mouse -way.

What I’ve got so far is:
-I’ve got a xy-pad in the track effects.
-I’ve got a working osc connection.
-I’ve got duplex running the touchosc simple layout
-I’ve got an iPad with touchosc, with the same layout, xy-pad page visible
-I can control the xy-pad placed in track effects. Moving the xy-pad in touchosc moves the xy-pad in renoise. (And vice versa)

What I’ve tried:
-reading the manual. Sadly I was unable to find help from there.
-skimming the forums. Same.
-switch record on in renoise, press play -> jiggle the xypad in touchosc while playing. No result.
-the above, but right click with the mouse in the renoise xy-pad in order to ‘trigger’ recording on. No result. Well the ‘triggered’ click got recorded.

If you want to record your X/Y pad movements, i guess you need to translate your OSC messages to midi messages defining two specific CC command for X and Y and bind those CC commands to the X and Y parameters respectively:

Duplex only seem to support live triggering here, not really broadcasting translated OSC messages to Midi message.

I did a similar thing once here:

It would however be better if Renoise would support mapping OSC parameters directly to controllers. (Either using the GlobalOSCActions config or with a similar mapping frame used for midi)

@vV: Duplex supports automation recording cool.gif
@KMaki: Have you enabled automation recording in the device configuration? It’s located in the TouchOSC device settings


You have three options - disabled, touch and latch recording :slight_smile:


SWEET! :walkman:

And to another question: Have I read the Duplex manual? -No, sir. Of course I have not.

So, basically: thanks a bunch!! Now works exactly as expected.

Cool. Tilt sensors are great fun :slight_smile:

On a sidenote: I recently released the Repeater application, which is very similar to the XYPad one.
One feature which sneaked into Duplex at that point was to define an explicit “playmode” for envelopes (point, linear, curve),
because it doesn’t make any sense for the Repeater to record movements using linear or curve interpolation.
So, basically the XYPad will feature a customizable playmode in the next version :)