Do any of you use ReCycle alongside Renoise? Do you follow the same procedures as if you were exporting to Cubase etc?

I know you can cut breaks in Renoise and you could also use Kontakt but I want to cut the breaks whilst also generating a midi file which I can import into Renoise.

On that note, is it possible to import a Midi file into Renoise without it starting a new song? Can you for instance import a midi drum track into a song that your halfway through?

Sorry for any of the above sounding dumb!! I just really want to get more control over my breaks.

Any help will be much appreciated

actually is sounds pretty fancy, i’ve never used recycle but im gonna give it a try now. And yea would be a pretty cool feature if you could right click on a track and import midi file. Does recycle do a good job? Does it make cutting samples a thing of the past? Atleast drum loops?

No, you can’t import one song and keep the old songs…

I hope this will some day be implemented though…

Thanks guys, I’ve started to use Kontakt for this now and have been getting some great results.