RED pill or BLUE pill ???

OK, the matrix reloaded has hit the theatres and I have a question for you (btw, the movie is terrible compared to first one):

If you were offered the pill choice Neo had in first movie, and you are UNSURE if the Matrix exists (you don’t have a clue), which one would you choose?

You KNEW I couldn’t help but replying, don’t ya? :lol: :P

some thoughts about your post :)

If you say one “doesn’t know for sure if the matrix exists” and then, taking the RED pill (as stated in the voting option) he seems to find out… then it will be pretty obvious to expect an high rate of RED PILLERS as is pretty logical to be willing to find out what’s real, expecially if one already has a “Supect” ( you are UNSURE )… and expecially in case you claimed that the RED pill will take the subject to know about the real situation.

Now, I think the conflict it’s not here for sure… the conflict is hiding in the meaning of the whole movie: would you go back to the matrix if you could?
To know the truth is easy. To live with it in every moment of your life, it can be hard to sustain.
So the conflictual point you was looking for… you surely will not find it asking “would you know the truth?” but rather asking “would you take the chance of being re-inserted in the Matrix, if you could be granted money, a pleasant life and complete deletion of your memories about the truth?

Obviously it can be hard for us, users, sitting comfortably in front of the screen, to imagine what this is like, except for having seen the movie…
and feeling somehow that, phew, that Cypher he’s truly one bastard motherf****er… and died as he deserved!..

One can probably better understand the situation by thinking at it as it turns out to be in the real world…

Would you really leave out of you the “culture” you have absorbed with all this time? Would you really like to be able to split with a single look the good things… from the things you’re just “used to do” or “compelled to do”?

Would you handle the notiont that some of the things you believed to be good… or real… or holy… untill yesterday are indeed just absorbing your attention, your time, your intelligence, your “energy” without making you grow anyhow?

On one side knowing the truth is somehow a must we’re even socially compelled to apply… on the other you might find a truth you might not like or not even be able to handle. Would you go back after knowing, if you could forget everything?

In case you wonderin… yes… most of the people is already in troubles right now, in real life, because not being able to tell their real biological needs from the social suggestions
;) :)

one thing that’s always prevented me from thinking the matrix is THAT great is the fact that freeing civilisation from the ‘clutches’ of the matrix is extremely selfish and self-righetous. being brought into the real world offers absolutely no advantages to anybody, and about seven billion disadvantages.

(the other thing is the ‘awesome infiltration scene’ with neo and trinity shooting up f****ING OLD PENSIONERS. yeah, big man keanu. i’ll bet it feels great, you got a real big dick dontchjaHhOW DOES IT FEEL MURDERERd/dsAZ?)#@#


It is like a trip on acid. You will see things other people wouldn’t belive. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser gate. You will never know what is real or what is not. But is that realy important? What is real for you? The only thing you can be sure about is that all those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain. Time to die.

I would probably have knocked Morpheus out, and eaten both pills… nahh :P

I want the thruth all the time, so bring on the red pill.