Red Square Midi Sync Problems

So I bought the Red Square from Analogue Solutions and im having a bit of a problem syncing it. Bare in mind I’m new to hardware. I have my red square running a midi cable to usb which then plugs into my computer. I followed the tutorials directions for hardware, the sync light blinks and when i press keys the midi light does too, yet i hear no sound. I made sure everything was on, the volume up etc, and was hoping to sequence the red square much like a vsti. Any help would be greatly appreciated

If it is only a usb to midi cable you bought. I am pretty sure it won’t work. Normally you need a midi interface where you can put your midicables in. Those usb to midi cables are used to connect a midi controller to you computer or something like that.

Can you control the device from any other host as well?
Most important is what MIDI controller you use on your PC.
If you use a USB to MIDI cable, did you got that with any driver-software or instructions?
If you got that information all properly set up then this part should do enough:
I doubt you would need any specific channel for your patchbay to control it though the Red Square manual is not really clear about that.

yeah well I have a full midi interface…Ive tried to set up a midi instrument but with no luck. Ill post some pictures tomorrow of what i did to set it up

Okay, still havent gotten it to work. I was able to play it through a midikeyboard out of a guitar amp. I still cant sequence within renoise though. I followed all the instructions exactly in the tutorials. I thought it might be a problem with Vista so I tried it on another computer with XP but still no luck. Could I be missing something. I have the USB midi interface going from my red square into the USB of my computer, with all drivers installed.

I almost have it working. With headphones plugged in the audio out of my red square i can hear myself playing renoise. However, to hear anything I must be holding down the program key on the red square(which tells it where the midi signal is coming from). Youre supposed to hold down the program key but just for a few seconds, I cannot let go without losing the sound. Also, if im holding down the program key and sequencing within renoise, renoise will make the entire track im sequencing in the first note that i sequence. Plus sometimes the red square wont play a note at all and ill have to hit it a few times for it to work. Its not any settings on the synth because played outside of renoise it works perfectly. Any suggestions to tweaking this?