Just curious on what you guys think, I just redesigned an old site I did for this crazy guy I know. :)

On a side note, I hardly know anything about HTML. Now, that’s kinda funny!
What’s not so funny, this site has kept me off music for a little while. Garr damnit, I wanna track some now!!! :D

looks good, the letters at the left are a little small and narrow though, and that’s at 1024x768, i think they might be even harder to see @ higher resolutions???

Okay. From the designer’s POV i’d say that this page is simple and therefore easy to understand. But I’d say that the fonts on the mainmenu will be not readable with 1280x1024 anymore. Which brings me directly to the coder POV:

Please use ALT-texts in the images because that will remove the HTML-Warnings my Tidy.exe gives me. Layouting with tables is another story but I do not get why there are those politicians on the page :)

The page is nice and simple… but I too was wondering what was up with the terrorists and political figures… either way, that guy is a f****ing nut! I’d almost rather take my chances with an angry lion than try tightrope walking across a revine like that. :blink:

Thanx for the comments, the narrow font on the buttons were made by request, but I guess they’re TOO narrow indeed. Subject to change. Alt.txt will also be entered! :)

Oh, and yeah, he’s a “nut” in that sense indeed. Went along him to the trip where he used the bicycle on a wire, pretty damn intense!