Redirect Midi Key

hi all
how to redirect midi key board notes?
i mean for play sound in renoise need select instrument but for example i want some instrument by defauld dont depend from selected instrument in instruments list
thanks :drummer:

You want to control the instrumentlist in Renoise from your external midi device?
What default would you like to have?

The instrument list is the core control panel for your instrument selections.
The only control you can apply with your MIDI device on that particular instrument is if you assign other patches to other programs (you can send a program change to the instrument and the program change should be applied. (either on the midi attached device or on the VSTI instrument)
You can however not affect what instrument is picked on the internal Renoise instrument list.

i mean only key (notes c, d, e etc))
for example i have two instruments but i want play only second dont every time even first is selected.

Renoise currently only have master inputs. You can not dedicate/route specific midi device for a specific instrument.
However, afaik this is planned and might be implanted when we redesign the entire instruments structure.

ohh ok thanks)

but it will be planed to support in future?