Redux 1.02 - Text Bug: entering text overlaps existing text

I mentioned this elsewhere but I thought I’d make a formal post about it here in the bug forum.

I’m on a Mac with OSX Sierra, not sure if this is a cross platform issue.

Since the Redux 1.02 update, entering text into any text-entry box (preset names, instruments names, basically all file names, any time you would type normal text into a field that already had text in it) results in the new text visually overlapping the old text while you type.

So what you see is a jumble of letters that looks really bizarre, and you can’t really tell what you’re typing.

Once you hit enter, the old text disappears and the new text you just typed appears clearly. So everything saves ok, but while typing, it’s a mess.

I’ll append a photo to this post later, don’t have access at the moment (work computer :P).


Same here

hi devs, is this ever going to be addressed? more than a year has gone by since the update and this bug is still ever present in Redux. Typing text (e.g. renaming a modulation set or an fx chain, preset, etc) results in the new text appearing overtop of the old text until you hit enter – in effect, you can’t see / read what you are typing until after you’ve typed it!

Sorry for the late reply. I’ve missed this topic, but will have a look at this soon.

This quite likely got broken in later OSX system updates. It’s not a common, cross platform problem.

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