Redux: assign all selected notes to different sample/instrument

(zooterman) #1

I know this is possible in Renoise… Can it be done in Redux?

e.g. Notes are C-3, and I select them and want to convert them all instantly to C#3?


Edit: in Renoise can only be done with a 3rd party tool, to my knowledge, so I assume not possible in Redux :[

(Raul (ulneiz)) #2

In both Renoise and Redux, you can transpose the selected notes using:

  1. ALT + F1 transpose one note down.
  2. ALT + F2 transpose one note up.
  3. ALT + F11 transpose one octave down.
  4. ALT + F12 transpose one octave up.

It is advisable to review the keyboard commands of both programs. It is practically all covered…

(zooterman) #3

My bad, I assumed you could only edit transposition for one note at a time. You know when you read 100+ pages of manual and forget to try the simple stuff?

On this note, I still can’t figure out a way to adjust volume of multiple selected notes in Redux, only one at a time - is this correct?

(Raul (ulneiz)) #4

Redux seems “a copy” of Renoise. But for this kind of operations of selection is used the right column of advanced operations within Renoise, pattern editor (Vol / Modify / Add: 1 … Apply). As far as I know, in Redux there is no a advanced operations column, just like Renoise’s phrase editor.

I guess you’re using Redux in another DAW. If you are inside Renoise, you can work within the pattern editor, and when you finish, copy and paste the result into the Redux phrase editor. But I guess that will not be the case.