redux macros - midi control?

Sorry, couldn´t find it in the manual. Is it possible to assign a midi controller (midi CC) to the macros?

no one?

Not directly in Redux, but this usually can be done in the host. Which host are you using Redux in?

Hi taktik! Thanks for answering. I use tracktion (linux) - and yes I can use daw-automation to control redux-macros. But I normally use midi cc cause they are exported within midi export.

Ah, IC. I thought you wanted to map an external MIDI controller to a macro in Redux. This indeed is possible in most hosts by MIDI mapping Redux’s macros !in the host!, not in Redux.

There is no MIDI CC or some other internal MIDI data mapping for macros in Redux, so automating macros from the host with MIDI currently isn’t possible. We simply thought this will not be necessary, because the macros are available to the host via the VST protocol already. Nevertheless, see Quickstart.pdf-> “MIDI Controller Chart” for Redux’ internal MIDI implementation.

MIDI CC data resolution also is quite rough (7 bits, 128 values), so using the “real” VST/AU parameter automation usually is the recommended one. I do understand your point with MIDI export though.

Thanks for the information. Indeed the controllers are recorded from an external midi-keyboard, so no problem with 7 bits. I will surely find a workaround for this. But if you ever think what else could we implement … :wink: