Redux not really usable in Ardour and Reaper under Linux

Deat @taktik,

I am aware that this has been discussed before, but I would like to bring this to your attention again, since it has been years now since Redux has been released:
Currently, Redux is still not really usable in Ardour and Reaper under Linux, since it does not receive keyboard focus. I know you last time said this is a problem with the host (Reaper back then), but it seems that the situation is not that simple: If I understand the Ardour developer correctly, then there does not seem to be a standard way for Linux plugins to handle keyboard focus (for some reason). Would it be possible to get into contact with Paul (Ardour) and Justin (Repaer) to discuss a way (standard or not) to handle this at least in their hosts? Once this is in place, other hosts might follow that implementation then, and you could even propose your way as a “standard” for Linux VST. I am sure that selling a product that does not work properly is also not in your interest, and I really hope that a solution for this can be found soon.

I just tried Redux under Renoise in Linux, and this DOES work. So it appears that you have all the knowledge from the host side to implement this correctly. If you could just give this knowledge to other host developers, so they can implement this correctly, that would be great. I am sure that at least Justin will be happy to implement this, as he has implemented specific fixes for specific plugins before.

I think it also works in Waveform and (?) Bitwig.

Maybe they have better communication with those developers then. So it really just comes down to communicating this to Paul and Justin, which is great, because it means that nothing substantial is standing in the way of having Redux work in Ardour and Reaper! I hope this gets fixed very soon then.

@taktik, thanks for editing the title, but please be aware that the same issue is present in Reaper as well, it is not exclusive to Ardour! I edited the title again to reflect this correctly.