Redux not showing User Library in disk browser.

Hi guys, redux is AMAZING but I am hitting a small annoyance.

For reference, I am using OSX, Live 9, and have a purchased copy of Redux and Renoise on my system.

For some reason, I cannot see the User Library in the Disk Browser. I can only see the bundled content.

Here’s what I see when I load the plugin in Live (or any DAW I have):

This is obviously different to the user library shown on the manual page:


Anyone have any idea what kind of folders I need to create to make this appear?

Thanks :slight_smile:

The User Library is empty by default and will not show up in the preset browser.

Once you’ve created/edited a preset and then saved it, the User Library folder should appear in the browser.

If you have already saved some presets but the User Library does not appear, then we may have a bug on our hands.

Ah, thank you - I actually create and edit my instruments in Renoise in a custom folder, so it was not showing up.

If you make a directory in: ~/Documents/Renoise/User Library/Instruments

And have at least one preset in there, it shows up. I previously had a soft-link going in that directory… which wasn’t working.

Is there any way to add a custom preset folder location to the browser??

Is there any way to add a custom preset folder location to the browser??

You can create your own custom subfolders inside /User Library/Instruments/ (and obviously put some content in them) and they will appear in the browser.

5752 redux-user-lib.png

I guess what doesn’t really make sense to me is why there are 4 ‘custom folders’ in the internal disk browser (when you open the editor) but on the minimised preset browser they are completely hidden. I keep all of my music related files under ~/Music because I back up the entire folder with Arq to S3 every day. Having files scattered across mandatory locations across the drive seems silly so I always delete the default locations.

Having said that, I’d really like to be able to find my presets without opening the editor each time, it seems like… not what it was meant for.

I am considering creating a hard link… but that sounds like a weird solution.

Ah, I see what you mean now.

At the moment, the Redux preset browser only shows content from our own factory library, from any additional content libraries you’ve installed, and from your own User Library folder.

The custom folders numbered 1-4 in the Disk Browser currently do not appear in the preset browser. It could be something worth exploring, though, so we’ll try to keep that in mind.

In the meantime, if you do prefer to keep your XRNI instruments stored in any other location, and still have them show up in the preset browser, then I guess symlinking is your only choice for now.

Actually symlinking doesn’t work, renoise won’t pick it up, so you have to create a hardlink, which OSX doesn’t allow you to do (ln is crippled in osx). I compiled a small program in C and compiled it to do this myself, so it works now… but I feel like it’s a shaky solution and probably not much use to most people.

For those interested, the program is at:

compile with:

gcc hlink.c -o hlink