Redux Phrase latency

I’m pretty sure it may be something I’m doing wrong, however I have noticed the audio is nudged after the grid if I bounce audio when using phrases. That suggests that there is a latency when using phrases in Redux.

Windows 10 DAWs tested Live 11 and Bitwig 4.4 Renoise Redux V1.3.2

I use keymap to select the phrase. If I use the slice direct on the piano roll for example d3 then no latency

Image showing key mapped phrase

Image showing triggering slice from keyzone

I repeated this using the stock instrument in Renoise and no such issue

Any ideas or working as expected?

I have gone back through previous versions of Redux and it looks like this issue was introduced with version 1.3.0. 1.2.2 does not have this issue.

Example below



I have this same issue when bouncing phrases.
I will test in Reason and report back later tonight.

I checked Renoise when I came across this issue, and it seemed to be ok. I realised I was not using the latest and I can confirm 3.4.2 is ok also. I use phrases a lot Redux and I see that as the killer feature for it. I have downgraded back to 1.2.2 and all seems to be ok.

Same in Reason too

Just checked and can confirm it happens in Reason on Win 10 and Mac (10.15).
Just checked in Studio 1 also:

Screenshot 2022-11-07 at 20.52.22