Redux'ish Idea (a simple XRNI player)

I was wondering if it might be feasible to put out an au/vst that acts somewhat like what Redux is planned for minus the tracker bit… Like an xrni wrapper with access to the macros. Since 3.0 beta came out have been building some amazing xrni patches and would like to take them to other DAW programs to share with friends.

Maybe a Redux light version? Haven’t seen any posts about this so figured I would share my thoughts.

Wouldn’t that be a bit like suggestion a version that didn’t have any built-in effects?
I mean, you can choose to use the feature or not :slight_smile:

That said, the phrases can be used for more than just programming beats.
For example, you could add a glide command to achieve portamento-ish note glides, among other things.

I don’t think I explained myself clearly - I’m just thinhking of an au/vst wrapper you can load in .xrni (say in ableton live) - And control that via midi… Internal effects would still be necessary to make .xrni work they way they do now with renoise.

Even if there were no editor controls. Just load in the wrapper and select an .xrni to load - it loads and you have the macro controls available to you front and center - This way it would be a way to load xrni in any au/vst host - (would load in keyzone mapping including phrases) - but shows nothing of the backend (modulation/fx)… Basically so we can use .xrni to export pretty much our own vst.

Redux is frankly already that. As long as you don’t create any phrases, they won’t be part of the xrni either.
I don’t see any reason to leave them out and i doubt the plugin would be any more lighter than it already is. Remeber that it doesn’t support VST or Midi device controls (yet currently)

Wouldnt need midi device or vst in it - I like how an xrni is basically now its own synth if you know what you are doing with it - It may be a bit of a redundant idea - but still a stripped down lighter version to expand xrni into other hosts without scaring people away with the tracker interface stuff - would be as simple as this (since everyone here likes their pics) - I guess I will have to wait to get my hands on redux first still - might just be overly excited about it ;)/>/>

Edit: The Save button and macro assignment buttons wouldn’t be there since it would be just for loading/playback. Leaves the user in the complete comfort of their daw of choice.

Must admit i like that !

Ah, you mean without the editing GUI!
Yes, a compact mode is definitely something which should be considered

Exactly! Maybe even a free or very low cost version to get people outside of the renoise community using xrni… If they would want to edit - they could upgrade to redux or full renoise. Would open up so many avenues for remixing/collabs within different DAW’s.

We may or may not add the “Renoise” name/logo to Redux’s GUI. Just depends if we can find a nice place for it that isn’t simply wasting space.

Either way, I don’t think there will be any major confusion about what Redux is, where it comes from, what it’s based upon, and so on. It will be sold and downloaded through the Renoise site, it will load Renoise instruments, and the main components of the GUI will definitely have a very Renoise-ish vibe.

Little off topic there - but that comes down to branding essentially. The Renoise logo should be there for the brand to take credit for and be seen more often. But - I know these devs don’t want to be working on “Tomorrows Commercial DAW”. Don’t care about if everyone in the UK and US have a poster on their wall. But care about the users.

Would love to have an easier way to collab with my buddies using Maschine studio or Ableton without scaring them off with a price tag. I know Renoise and Redux are cheap - but even to some people that want to learn, they just cant grasp it) Most non-tracker people are going to be hesitant to pay for full version of Renoise/Redux for that reason - but give 'em a taste of what .xrni can handle and you will hook them (Sure $10-20 would even be comfortable).

I have been making patches with basic synth waveforms I sampled and think the quality is immaculate if it’s done right. Few people complain about sound quality but like any sampler its only as good as what you feed it; and this beast is hungry. Will be nice to let out of its cage!

you will have that with Redux so not sure how this is anything different

No GUI interface, lightweight / less costly ;). Maybe even freely distributable to add into sample packs…