I recently purchased an ASUS eeepc 1000HA. I was curious if anyone on here had any luck getting this machine to push the Renoise 2.0 bits through with ease or not. As it stands, I can’t even get the included demo songs to run without a crash. The CPU cycles through the roof on all of them. The basic specs are as follows:

Intel Atom 1.6GHz processor
160GB 5400 RPM Hard Drive
1GB of DDR2 RAM (667MHz) <---- I did upgrade to the max of 2gigs @ 667mhz
Windows XP <— Stripped, using nLite, “Professional” edition w/SP2

I did add several linux partitions including a real time kernel (all Ubuntu 8.04 distros). I followed all the seemingly relevant instructions under the tutorial section, but to no avail. I’ve also added ASIO4ALL on the XP partition which seemed to decrease performance.

I’m looking for anything I may have missed in the process, so a nudge in the right direction would be helpfu (including spelling and grammar of course). I do realize, of course, that this machine is Weak as far as audio production goes. I was just hoping for “on the go” sketch pad vibe with this box.


1,6Ghz with 2GB ram, should allow to make the demo’s run normally, even on an eeePC but the buffering option of the audiocard may still be a problem, i have no idea what audiocard is in it.

Another thing is:stripping XP is pretty risky, i would first try if it runs Renoise in a normal installed condition.
For Linux i would not recommend Ubuntu 8.04 but rather 8.10 (which is not very fast either) if has to be Ubuntu 8.x. But i would most above of all highly recommend Ubuntu 7.10 using realtime kernel. It does not have the fancy window manager crap like Beryl or Compbiz (the latter being active by default) and it has a good realtime kernel edition unlike Ubuntu 8.x.
Another thing is that Ubuntu 8.x comes with Pulse Audio enabled by default as audio system which is also not really the best thing since sliced bread. At least Pulse Audio does not perform swell with Renoise.

Thank you for the help. I agree that the hardware specs should be up to running Renoise and it is apparent that I have missed something along the way. I’m following the 7.10 route for now as I’ve tried both 8.10 and 8.04 RT kernels following the how-to on the site. The only draw back to using 7.10 is chasing down and installing all the drivers for the EEE PC. Time consuming zzzzz. I’ll post my solution as soon as I find something that works.

As far as stripping the XP install, I only removed things I was certain I would not need. Support for Cyrillic and Japanese keyboards, token ring, fax machine, etc.

I got it running great on my eeepc 1000HE. I’m testing out the Transmission 3.0 linux distro that comes with the Indamixx netbooks. Has some pretty impressive RT capabilities with JACK. I tried many distros and kernel tweaks but the Indamixx guys have really worked some crazy black magic on the netbook kernel. Not free though.

An 1,6Ghz Intel Atom (which performas equally well or bad as a good ol’ pentium3 @900mhz) will not suffice to play any of the demo songs properly (at least not when using windows), so that’s nothing to worry about, your system is configured properly.

But that should not keep you from writing your own music with your EEE… just keep an eye on the CPU load and use DSPs and VSTs with care.

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