Reference Table For Eqing Instruments

This taken from Jezper’s (airbase) post on I found it worthwhile to post it here.

awesome. thanks!

i think i will print this and put it on my wall :)

same! :)

The only thing that confuses me when I start using graphs like this for refference sometimes is my teacher always gets me into cutting away rather than boosting signals… I just hate cutting cause naturaly I just want to boost when I want to hear more of something rather than take away from another part of the mix to make room… I guess it’s a combination of the two. I tend to cut and cut until everything fits during production and boost towards the end and in post to bring out the signals I want to hear more, compression always tends to screw me up too when using in conjunction with equalization (I mostly have trouble in the bottom end of mixes with this)… most people have trouble with mids, but that doesn’t bother me as much for some reason.

Some more infos:…ng_excerpt1.htm

Are you using multiband compressors for this? This might be causing the opposite effect when you cut out frequencies as ‘it’ will notice it is lacking there… I only use multiband on the master. And normal compressors on instruments with EQ.

Nope, just plain compression… it’s just my skill is a little lacking is all, I am getting better though…