Reformat Help Needed

ok - i’m about to reinstall ubuntu studio to dual boot with xp, my problem is that i have no disc space left in which to create any partitions - my plan was to reformat the drive and start from scratch using supergrub.

problem is i dont have any xp installation disc as it was preinstalled - & i’ve already deleted the recovery partition but i did put it on dvd’s first - question is - can i use those discs to reintall windows? - i’m guessing not.

or should i just move all my files onto an external drive, then use supergrub to resize my partitions and install ubuntu? thing is messing with partitions always messes with a couple of programmes startup routines and makes my pc totally unstable until i find and fix all the problems.

hmm - failing that anyone got a spare xp disc i can nick? work wont let me borrow theirs :(

or install ubuntu onto external drive? - dont wanna do this particularly as it can mess the mbr thing up a bit if the drive is damaged or disconnected

any suggestions?


You can also resize your external drive using gparted and then install ubuntu on your external drive if your BIOS supports booting from USB.
You may need to select the device by initiating the bootmenu during the post, but it should work.
I had no problems installing it on an external drive, getting it to boot up was a problem though, but i had to change the grub loader config to make the start-drive (0,0) instead of the 4,0 (or whatever device number the setup considered the drive to be)

Just be carefull to select the correct device you want to install Ubuntu on!
If you don’t know for sure which device to pick, you could always download virtualbox and attach your USB drive to that one, attach an ubuntu ISO as cdrom and use gparted from the liveCD to resize and (re)partition the external drive. In that manner your local harddrives are always unaffected by the partition editor.

Just do install from the liveCD after full booting though!