Refound Renoise

Trying to relaunch my music interest. With Renoise - this track came out of it. Some 4 mins of fun.

Loads of sample commands XsXX to get the funny voice effect. The theme is sound is made the same way.
NI Guitar Rig, iZotope Vinyl + some Renoise native effects.
Base is inspired by KLF’s White Room


To be honest, I couldn’t tolerate the monotony after about the first 50 seconds. The KLF are legendary, you know their entire career was a bizarre andy kaufman-esque joke though right?

full disclosure - I’ve tried to get back into renoise a couple of times and my tracks are still coming out kind of shitty too.

I could easily imagine this working well at a live club gig. Although, you’d probably need to tame the lower frequencies just a little bit :slight_smile:

As I listened to the track, I was thinking that at approx. the 1:30 mark, it could do with a short break of some kind (while the chord sequence is extended).
And also, at the very end, you make a variation that could easily keep the attention going for a little longer. It sort of just fades out.

Both of you, thnx for reply and honesty :)

I personally like the composition. Even the core loop has that tension that can keep your brain interested for the period of listening. You did a decent amount with very little, good job.

I did think that the panning hat was a bit too loud at points and seemed a but cheesy, but I’m not familiar with the style.

There was nothing interesting in this tune in my opinion. I would say keep on trying. The most important thing is if you like what you make. And keep at it. Looking foward to what you bring in the future. :)