Refresh My Memory On How To Map A Midiccdevice Slider To A Vst Knob...

I used to know how to do this, but I’ve been smoking too much crack lately and must have killed the brain cell where it was located.

enable the “MIDI learn” function of the VST plugin, if it has one.

select the knob (or select it before enabling MIDI learn) then just move the slider in Renoise. Now the two entities should be bound.

Thanks. How do I enable the midi learn?

that depends on the VST

try reading the manual/readme

Assigning the knob directly to the slider with midiccdevice is way simpler than looking through a long list with vstiautomatedevice and hoping you find the parameter you were looking for.

I could swear it was just right click in the vst window or something to enable midilearn…

I tried searching for the old post I learned the process from, but I can’t find it.