Refx Nexus...multi-platform?

i was curious, if purchase nexus will it allow me to install on more than one computer? or is the serial code good for only one platform at a time?

I’m sure you’ll get much better results if you actually ask about reFX products on the reFX forum, instead of here on the Renoise forum…

i tried, but in order to post on their forums, you must have already purchased a reFX product…im posting here, because im already a memeber, ill be using Nexus on Renoise if i choose to get it, and many experienced Renoise users will probably own Nexus and would know.

You could also send an email to reFX -

But yeah, maybe a Renoise user who already has Nexus can help you out if reFX support doesn’t answer you.


Usually, when you install a piece of software, you get the terms and services displayed: I don’t know how reFX handles this but if you purchased their software and install it on more than one (of your own) computers, they wouldn’t care.

But Nexus phones home sometimes, so you might get a problem if the “licence” is transferred from different machines. On the other hand, you have the original dvd or licence key so it doesn’t matter.