Regarding Instrument Volume Envelopes

I used the Beatslicer tool to chop up a couple bars of an old track into 32 samples. Problem is, each sample has obnoxious little clicks at the beginning and end. So, I’m using the native volume envelopes to fix this.

  1. Is it possible to place nodes in between the grid lines?
  2. If not, what is the best way to apply short fades to the beginning and end of each sample (short of destructively editing the files in the sample editor)?

1)Up to 2.6.1 you can’t place nodes for autiomation on custom tick level no. Values are interpolated on tick-level however.
2) in Renoise, simply use the fade up or fade down ramps in the sample editor upon the selected area that you want to faed up or fade down.

This is actually exactly what I said I didn’t want to do. But thank you for the information.

was that comment meant as snarky as it came across? anyway, what you can deduce from the answer you got is that there is no faster way of doing this.

Well, I thought I made it pretty clear that I didn’t want to alter the samples themselves, so I was baffled at that response. But I am grateful he took the time to clarify the issue for me.

The beatslicer tool could really use a slider for setting some offset kind off fade-in(& fade-out) value in ms to be taken into account for each slice. Think I asked for this in the comments on the tool page and/or thread in the script forum, maybe you can bump it and remind the author? :)

No that was not the purpose, i didn’t comprehend the “short of” part in his message.
You can also try these volume column commands:

  • 9x - Volume slide up in the current note column, with step x * 10 (91 = 0610 in effect column, 92 = 0620 in effect column etc.) - Ax - Volume slide down in the current note column, with step x * 10 (A1 = 0710, A2 = 0720 etc.)
    But indeed it isn’t fast but it is non-destructable and note specific (unlike the automation or pattern effect command for the effect column).

I seeeee. I’ll give those a try, thanks.

if jonas’ idea for the Beatslicer Tool would be implemented that would make it the fastest option available.